Facebook 360, the new Facebook app focused on Virtual Reality

facebook 360

Facebook continues to bet on Virtual Reality by launching Facebook 360, a new independent application from which users will have access to a lot of 360º photographs and videos that they can enjoy directly from their Virtual Gear VR Helmets.

In this regard, Facebook points out that since the introduction of 360º photographs and videos to its social platform, to date 25 million photos and more than one million videos are available.

Those interested can find the new application through Oculus Store for their Samsung devices compatible with Gear VR. Once they have it installed, they will have four tabs that will allow them to access the 360º content available on Facebook. The first one is the exploration tab, where you can access 360º content highlighted by media, organizations and creators.

The second tab is the follow-up, something more personal, as users will be able to find 360-degree content from friends on Facebook and from the pages and other users they keep track of. The following provides access to content that users have sometimes saved as a bookmark for access at other times.

And lastly, there is the chronology tab which opens access to those 360º content that the same users have published on occasion and which is in fact a way to access them again.

Facebook points out that users will be able to establish reactions to these contents with the possibility of also publishing them again in their user accounts. New social functions will be added later.

In this way, Facebook tries to unite the Virtual Reality with the contents that it has available for it through its social platform.


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