Facebook adds a new option to avoid spam in groups


Facebook continues to think different ways to enhance interaction on the platform through groups. To achieve this, it has now dealt with one of the problems faced by group administrators when accepting requests from users.

The fact that someone shows interest in a group does not mean that they understand the dynamics that administrators are trying to promote, or that they can be a positive contribution to the community being built.

For this reason, administrators will now have the option of sending a small questionnaire of up to three questions to those users who request to join the group.

Facebook option to avoid spam

For this questions the responses should be brief, no more than 250 characters and can be edited as many times as desired before they are reviewed by administrators. These are kept private, so they will not be published in the group, as it only works as an intake filter.

This will streamline the work of the administrators, since they will only have to evaluate these questions and decide if the applicants meet their objectives. At the same time, it will also prevent groups from being filled with people who only seek to spam or create controversies among members.

This new feature is already spreading worldwide. For long people have been wondering if only there was some better way to decide whether or not a particular person would be productive in a group. Now, with this new option Facebook has given its users a bit more control on who they want in their group. The main reason behind this was to stop spammers from entering groups as they are not a productive part of what a group stands for. So, now with this new option group admin can know a little bit more about the person requesting to join the group.


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