Facebook Announces New Advertising Policies to Avoid Discriminatory Ads

One of the headaches Facebook had last year had to do with the dynamics of the commercials within its platform.

Advertisers have the freedom to segment their audience on Facebook by applying a series of filters. But this has led, according to the controversy that gained notoriety a few months ago, to discriminatory announcements, since one of the options on selection of public allowed to exclude certain ethnic groups or races.

In November it reversed this option, and today it focuses again on the subject detailing the measures that have taken since this problem arose. One of the actions they have taken is to update the policies on the type of advertising content that is allowed on the platform.

Under “Prohibited Content”, point 3 “Discriminatory Practices” states:

“Ads should not discriminate against individuals based on their personal attributes, such as race, ethnicity, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, family situation, disability or medical or genetic condition.”

And then they specifically detail what practices will not be tolerated, and a series of links leading to government agencies and civil rights groups.

It will also take advantage of the potential of automated learning to detect ads with housing, employment and credit offers that violate this policy. From there, a series of measures will be taken, the first being to alert the advertiser to this fact to correct it.

And for misunderstandings, all those advertisers who post ads related to the offers we mentioned above will have a message that will encourage them to read the new policies and ensure that they have understood them.

So no advertiser can argue about lack of knowledge, or ignorance when Facebook censors your ad.

We can see all the measures announced on Facebook in detail in this link.


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