Facebook app is updated with a feature similar to Instagram Stories

Facebook absorbs everything and the company recently acquired the most famous social photography network of the moment, Instagram. However, this was not an obstacle for both applications to act independently offering well differentiated services. However, after the arrival of Snapchat filters and stickers to Facebook Messenger, and the copy of Instagram Stories, it seems that Facebook wants to become the ultimate social network.

At the end of last month we showed how the social network of Mark Zuckerberg was initiating the tests of what we could call Facebook Stories, a functionality more similar to the one of Instagram Stories that allows to publish ephemeral contents from the own application of the social network. Now this functionality begins to be activated in few countries.

As we said before, the operation of Facebook Stories will be almost identical to those of Instagram Stories. Even the icons seem cloned between the Facebook application and the social photography network. In this way users can use the new camera of Facebook, accessing it by sliding the finger to the right, to photograph or record what we consider while applying funny filters or adding stickers of all kinds. Of course, all publications made using this system will expire 24 hours after publication.

To make use of these new stories of Facebook, the people in charge of the social network have implemented different innovations in camera of the application, resembling it more to the one of Instagram and to the own instant application of the mark, Facebook Messenger.

Its operation, once again, is identical to the one we have been doing for a long time on Instagram. Slide your finger from left to right from the main page of the Facebook app to access the new Facebook camera designed to generate content for the new stories of the social network. By clicking on the corresponding icons you can add filters, frames, interactive objects and stickers to boost your captures.

This tool is available in Spain, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Taiwan, Malaysia and only Argentina is representing South America. If you still do not have the copy of Instagram Stories in the Facebook application for iOS or Android is likely to appear in the next few hours.


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