Facebook Begins to Include Advertising in Messenger

facebook messenger

From today, the messaging service of the popular social network, Messenger, will begin to show users advertising within the application.

This has been signed by the company itself from the official news blog of Facebook Messenger, which states that from this moment, businesses and businesses have the possibility to advertise on one of the most used messaging platforms around the world.

At the moment the first ads have begun to appear in Australia and Thailand, although it is expected that during the next few hours Messenger advertising will begin to reach all the countries in the world.

The ads which are not exactly small will take up most of the app’s home screen, though Facebook says there will be no advertising within the conversations.

Companies have told us they are very excited about the potential of the Messenger platform to reach out to customers and help them drive sales, build brand awareness and increase customer satisfaction. Our current offers, such as the ads that lead people to Messenger conversations from their Facebook news feed, and sponsored messages, have shown that people are interested in listening and interacting with businesses and brands in Messenger, says the facebook team.

According to Facebook, this measure is carried out in order for users to discover new businesses and businesses with which to interact. In addition, thanks to the algorithm implemented in the advertising system, users will only see ads that might be of interest to them, and it will be possible to report or delete unwanted ads.

As I mentioned, at the moment only some users can “enjoy” this test that Facebook is carrying out, but, luckily or unfortunately, more than one billion people who use Messenger each month will begin to see advertising in little time.


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