Facebook continues to implement measures to prevent false news

facebook fake news label

Last year, Facebook announced a series of measures that will be implemented in the platform in order to avoid the spread of false news. And some of them have already begun to be visible, such as messages with warnings to dissuade users from sharing dubious content.

The Quartz team has tested this new feature, trying to publish an article with false news. When you paste the link, it automatically posts a warning message:

Facebook false news

It warns the user that the publication to be shared is being delegated by organizations that collaborate with Facebook to identify false content. And if you want, you can get more information from these sources.

This warning would have to be enough for the user to think twice before sharing the publication, but if it still goes ahead, a new warning will come out. The user must confirm that you want to share it even though it is questionable content.

And completing the dynamics of this measure, there is a third instance, which is the message that appears after the publication has been shared. This time, everyone who sees the publication will see the message.

This measure seems to be working only for the United States, and perhaps at some point it extends to our latitudes.
This shows that Facebook is taking a series of strict actions to prevent the spreading of fake news on its platform.


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