Facebook could soon include GIFs in comments


Facebook is an application that has never stood out for being the most pioneering, optimized and light. However most of us, use it in our day to day life because of the strength of the social network. The app does not stop updating with great novelties, although they are not always to our liking, like the stories, omnipresent already in almost all the applications of our day to day.

Today we come with a possible Facebook update that may interest you, as it includes support for GIFs in the comments. Every day we use more GIFs and emojis, and so far to introduce a GIF on Facebook we had to do a few laps. It seems that this is going to change once and for all and this is a good thing.
As we read on GSMarena, Facebook knows that people love GIFs and pretend to make it easier for users to enter them into comments. We still do not know how they will be, but the easiest and most logical solution would be to enter the Messenger GIF search engine on Facebook.

Till now, we do not understand how they have not done this before, because they have the technology available for their messaging app but not for their main app. In principle, a small group of users would receive the update to prove how it works, polish their GIFs and end up making it reach the world.

As per my opinion, I’ve used the mobile version of Facebook for a week and I do not use the official app again

Many users like the Facebook application and introduction of putting GIFs in the comments is something that most of them will love. We hope that it arrives as soon as possible to all users.


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