Facebook displays the City Guide functionality in its mobile app

Facebook City Guide

Facebook is starting to introduce a new functionality to its mobile application: the city guide. This is a new feature that, in addition to stepping on the heels of the Foursquare Cities Guide will offer mobile users recommendations on places to visit and activities to be carried out in those cities where they might be interested.

From the outset, the new functionality will offer a list of cities, showing on them the contacts that have already visited them. Once you access a city, you will be able to know the places that each of your friends have visited as an orientation by entering directly from their respective identifying icons.

It also has a list of places to visit. In any case, each of these elements has the possibility of being saved, including the city in general, where it will be stored in the “Saved” tab that each user has in his profile.

This functionality is still in tests and that for now has reached a limited number of users. It should also be noted that in the list of cities there are only some of the most important ones, leaving aside counties, towns and other charming cities which are lesser known. For now, the Foursquare option remains more attractive and complete, as well as being available for Android Wear 2.0 watches.

In any case it is likely that will Facebook will later include more cities. In this regard remember that at the end of 2011, Facebook acquired Gowalla, the only real competitor at that time to Foursquare, closing soon after and integrating some functionalities in its social platform. We will see if the new functionality is a Foursquare-killer or is just an attempt to complement the features offered from within its platform.


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