Facebook expands its tools of prevention of suicide to Facebook Live and Messenger

facebook tool to prevent suicides

Facebook will now include the suicide prevention tools in both Facebook live and Messenger. It is a fact that every now and then there is a person in the world who commits suicide. According to the World Health Organization, suicides are the second highest cause of death among the segment of people ranging from 15 to 29 years of age.

In this regard, Facebook because of its position in connecting people around the world has for more than ten years had specific tools and resources developed in collaboration with mental health and specialized organizations with the aim of helping to prevent suicide.

Now, the social network has announced the update of the same by expanding them to Facebook Live and Messenger. In this regard, those users who are watching a live broadcast where they see a potential signal of suicide will get a chance to communicated to them, to contact their close friends, to contact a helpline or the availability of advice to act in that situation.

In addition, you can also inform Facebook itself, which counts teams around the world working 24 hours a day verifying reports and acting accordingly. In addition to this measure, Facebook is also enabling people in crisis to connect directly with specialized mental health services through Facebook Messenger in real time.

Likewise, it is beginning to use Artificial Intelligence in the search for patterns of behavior that may lead to possible suicides through user publications, where in case of detection the relevant resources will be launched.

The use of Artificial Intelligence to search for such patterns could also be brought to Facebook Live and Messenger in the future, although there is still nothing decided about it.

With such tools Facebook wants to help reduce the suicides among people by letting their friends and experts talk to them and help them reverse their decision.


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