Facebook, Google and Other News Media Collaborate on Project Crosscheck to Fight False News in French Elections

A number of news media companies along with Facebook and Google to work together on Project Crosscheck to cut fake news circulation over the Internet.

In recent times we have seen the influence of fake news on social platforms and on the Internet in the results of the elections. Before the next French election, scheduled for April 23, neither Google nor Facebook nor even a set of newsrooms in France want to be sprinkled with the spread of false news over the Internet.

In this regard, to ensure that consumers have access to truthful news and with the aim of dismantling the false news circulating on the Internet, Facebook, Google and a number of newsrooms in France have joined under an initiative called CrossCheck in the which they will work together verifying each content that is spread over the Internet, including photographs, videos, humorous montages, and any other content likely to exert a negative influence on Internet news consumers.

The newsrooms belong to media and agencies such as Le Monde, France-Presse, BuzzFeed, among many others, who want to guarantee the fidelity of the information they offer to their consumers and customers. In fact, Le Monde has also launched its own anti-false news platform to verify the information that is coming to them, with a database of websites considered unreliable.

Facebook, through the use of CrowdTangle technology, is not to be immersed in controversies as experienced in the past presidential elections in the United States, having been accused of having exercised electoral influence through the existence of false news on their platform.

In this regard, Facebook has already been taking a series of measures to fight against the false news. In addition, Google, through Google News Lab, tries to stop the spread of this type of news for which it has also been taking initiatives, such as the association with First Draft last September.


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