Facebook is testing the use of reactions in Messenger chats

facebook messenger

Facebook has been testing a function which allows a user to use reactions such like symbol, smiley face, thumbs down etc. while chatting in Messenger application.


It has been a while since the reactions came to Facebook, and as they indicate from the social network, users love to use them to indicate how they feel before each of the publications with which they are. Now, everything seems to indicate that Facebook is studying the possibility of including reactions in Messenger, as it already happens in other applications.

Specifically, it is the team of TechCrunch who echoes the interest in translating reactions to Messenger, Facebook’s messaging platform. To give you an idea, the result would be similar to what we can already find on platforms like iMessage or Slack, the communication tool for work teams. As they say from the source, the Facebook experiment would have the different icons of the reactions recently added by Facebook, the characteristic like and even a thumb down, something never seen so far.

Of course, it is important to keep in mind that at least for the moment, it is only a proof of concept by Facebook, so we do not know if it will be available soon. Even so, we cannot deny that this is a feature that many users would find interesting, especially to increase the appeal of Messenger in work environments. As always, we will remain attentive to any new developments.


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