Facebook Messenger Bot Connects Volunteer Translators to Refugees

Tarjim is an interesting tool that aims to connect refugee people with volunteer translators from around the world.

There are many reasons why an immigrant or refugee will need more than once to turn to a translator from medical care, emergencies to legal issues, among others. And almost never are the conditions given for them to have this support.

That is why a group of MIT graduates created this solution, an app that uses the Facebook Messenger to be the nexus between the needs of refugees and the work of translators. The bot is alerted to the translators when there is a request according to the data that has been configured.

If the translator is available, the conversation begins which can be complemented with videos, audio, notes, etc. If for some reason, some of the parties feel that the conversation is not fluent or a problem arises, they can end it and re-apply for a translator.

Personal data is not shared, so connections are anonymous, unless the parties then decide to share additional information, as there is no established dynamic yet. At the moment, they are creating the databases with the translators that have already been annotated to participate, so Tarjim would be working in a few weeks.

While the new POTUS has put a ban of refugees entering the United States, the platform developed by these MIT graduates will help the present refugees in case of emergencies.

In the meantime, translators can go to the Tarjim and register for them to be considered in this project.


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