Facebook Messenger now lets you share locations in real time

Live Location in Facebook Messenger

Facebook does not stop introducing more and more functions in order for its users to stay with it, and do not seek the services of the competition. A few days ago came the reactions and mentions for its instant messaging tool, Messenger, and today a new feature that allows us to share our location in real time adheres to the service.
As announced by the company from its official blog, this new feature will gradually be incorporated in the application for all operating systems and with it, we can share our detailed location in real time with those contacts we have in Messenger.

While Facebook Messenger users could already share those locations where they were at any time, now from Facebook added the ability to share the locations in which they are in real time through the new Live Location, which begins to be deployed worldwide today through a new update of the application for both Android and iOS.

The new tool differs from the location sharing mode we had so far. To use this new feature, we will just have to click on the small icon in the form of arrow that appears in the chat and choose if we want to show our position by means of a static point in the map or on the contrary, if we want to show it of concise and detailed manner.

In this sense, users will have the possibility to share their locations in real time with selected people in a maximum period of 60 minutes, being able to know at all times where they have been, sharing their locations in real time and even being able to interrupt this function at any time if they consider it necessary.

It should be noted that this feature is launched a few days after Google launched a similar function in Google Maps. Both the features of sharing locations are completely optional. So, it depends totally on you whether or not you want to share your location.


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