Facebook Modifies its Trending Topics Section To Provide Real And Quality News

facebook trending topics

Faced with growing criticism during the US election campaign, Facebook announced that it has modified its trending news section. The social network sacrifices support to niche interests to provide a focus on an international scale, according to the website TechCrunch.

In total, there are three important changes implemented on the social network. Now each trend will have a headline that will help contextualize the topic. Users will no longer have personalized trends, but will be the same for the entire country.

The update was enabled Wednesday in the United States. According to TechCrunch, these changes will help the trend section reach more countries and languages. At the moment it is only available in English-speaking countries and India.

The unified set of trends will benefit publishers and news producers to reach out to new audiences. It will also help Facebook’s news partners grow and disappear the filter bubble that “forced” users to receive news suggestions only on issues with which they agree.

Vice President of Facebook Product Management Will Cathcart told TechCrunch that “one of the good things about Trends is that it helps you know what’s happening on Facebook whether or not it matches what your friends are talking or what the editors are still writing. ”

Facebook will no longer have staff who write the descriptions of each trend, this to avoid biases and at the same time avoid tons of work. Instead, it will use the descriptions of the news.

The Facebook algorithm will choose the most attractive publication of a news media from among those who released an article on a particular topic. This at the same time serves for everyone on Facebook to see the news highlighted thanks to the absence of custom trends.

Finally, with the new measurement system, Facebook will avoid placing false news that may be viral if, for example, it is shared by a public person with large numbers of followers. At the same time the social network will scan this kind of content to prevent them from appearing in the trends section.


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