Facebook Now Allows Companies to Post Job Offers

Last year we discussed Facebook’s intentions to add a new dynamic feature to the business pages, allowing them to publish job offers, with a series of interesting features.

And now the Facebook team already announces it officially, although at the moment only available to the U.S. and Canada.

The idea is that the entire process is done on Facebook, companies will publish their job offers on their pages, detailing a series of data on the job opportunity offered. These will appear inside a new tab as we see in the image “Jobs”, besides being visible in the News Feeds.

The applicants can apply directly by choosing the corresponding option, and send the request through a form (which will be completed with the user data) from the same platform, and of course, taking advantage of the potential of Facebook Messenger.

From there, it will be the users who will make this feature work through the likes and mentions they make in the comments to attract the attention of their friends or contacts who look for jobs in different positions or areas.

Page administrators will be able to track the requests using some of the tools offered by the platform.

According to the Facebook team, over time they will be polishing some options to help companies find qualified profiles for the demand that they present.


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