Facebook Prepares a New Section to Help You Meet Like Minded People

The social network devised by Marc Zuckerberg is working on a new section for its platform. Facebook will soon incorporate a new tab in which we can meet and deal with people with similar tastes to ours or who live in our own city. All this under the name of “Discover People”.

At the moment, this new menu is only available to a limited number of users, so it probably will not appear in your account. To check it, simply go to the navigation menu, where we will find it as one more element of the list. But how does this new tool work?

How does the latest feature work?

When we click on this section, the Facebook application will ask us to include a short biography of ourselves and to gather some of our photos. In this way, it will be like a business card of your own before letting a stranger enter our profile.

In addition, so that others can know our tastes and hobbies, a list of upcoming events that we will attend will be shown. In the same way, we will be able to meet people who plan to attend those events by simply clicking on it, as a list of attendees will be displayed.

If we scroll to the end of the menu, we can see another listing; This time focusing on people who live near us or who may be co-workers. Facebook has admitted that the new tool has been designed for business purposes, but it can also work to establish personal relationships.

At the moment, as we have already mentioned, it is in the testing phase just like its new security system and we have no approximate date when it will become available to all users. In any case we will let you know as soon as it is available.


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