Facebook Presents New Role for Asking for or Offering Help in Disasters

A few months ago Facebook introduced to the world its Community Help, part of the Safety Check, a platform that is activated when a disaster occurs somewhere in the world (earthquakes, attacks, floods, etc.).

The goal of Community Help is to put victims in touch with nearby Facebook users, hoping to receive some help or information. Now this feature expands with options that help find or offer food, shelter, transportation and other forms of assistance, a feature that will be available in the United States, Canada, India, Saudi Arabia, Australia and New Zealand.

They want Safety Check to be increasingly automatic, for agencies to be able to quickly contact victims, for users to be able to help in a matter of seconds for those who need it, to send alerts at the right time and place. We will see the new options just after a disaster occurs (natural or not).

The messages will show if we have friends in common with the person requesting help, something necessary to create trust, but will always remember the risk of going to any call, recommending to hold meetings in public and be over 18 years. This resource will be extended to other countries in the coming months.


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