Facebook Spaces, the social network for VR platforms


More than three years after the acquisition of Oculus, Facebook finally seems to give vent to projects related to VR. The perfect example we have is the Facebook spaces, the first virtual social network where users can interact with each other as a ‘Second Life’ adapted to modern times.

Today Facebook Spaces launches beta for Oculus Rift and is a first taste of Facebook’s ambitions to bring social interaction to 3D virtual spaces. The goal of this curious network is that users can connect to their Facebook accounts and immerse themselves in an environment where communication is not chat messages, but voice and body language through our avatar.

In Facebook Spaces our avatars are created according to the photos that we have uploaded to the social network. We will live in a virtual world that we can alter to our taste and even invite our friends to meeting places. Facebook also announces that you will be able to interact with video calls through Facebook Messenger within this ‘fictional world’.

In the application, up to four friends connected to a person’s Facebook account can join this common space to chat, draw, watch videos, make video calls and even capture selfies in VR, as we have seen in the video presentation of Facebook Spaces. These are fairly basic activities centered on fun, rather than productivity, but it’s a big step in the social network.

Other news from Facebook

Facebook Spaces has not been the only novelty in which the company has put a special effort, but we have also known other interesting features of the social network.

Augmented reality

Facebook wants augmented reality to be something more of the present than the future, so it has put a special effort to transform the cameras of our smartphones into AR devices through AR Studio, its platform for developers to enhance the augmented reality. The results would be applied to Snapchat filters, games etc.

Improvements in Facebook Messenger

The new Facebook chat extensions will allow you to use the Messenger bots in the group chats so you can check news, collaborate on creating a Spotify playlist or get a flight booked through Kayak. You can discover new bots of all types from a new section called “Discover”.

Likewise the games also take a special role in Facebook Messenger as the social network pretends to be easier to share games with our contacts of the messaging application.

Soon we will have to celebrate the arrival of Apple Music to Facebook Messenger. However there are still no dates or details of it.


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