Facebook starts labeling fake news

facebook fake news label

Facebook has begun to mark fake news as promised by Mark Zuckerberg at the end of 2016 to combat false information and. The shared links on the walls of this social network will carry a warning message, with links explaining why this label puts the user in caution. English language articles posted on Facebook appear for the first time with the “disputed” flag. The fact check seems to be quite long.

Facebook has begun to provide fake news articles with a special mark. Under some unbelievable article postings a red warning sign with the marking “disputed” (“controversial”) appears. As reported by Gizmodo and Recode, this was warned, for example, before an article that Donald Trump’s Android smartphone was the source of Leak’s confidential information.

The tool has been discreetly introduced in the United States. Facebook users can mark a post as ‘fake’, and the ‘disputed’ tag will appear with an exclamation mark below that link or information to warn other users.

facebook fake news

However, the process of the “disputed” mark to appear takes a relatively long time. Facebook delivers articles that are reported by users or their own algorithm as fake news to two fact check organizations. These control the source article and give Facebook a share for the appropriate marker. In the case of the above cited, the factual review lasted five days. In addition, the source of the article for satire messages is known.

One of the main obstacles of this new protocol will be for news and entertainment websites with a high content of political and social satire.


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