Facebook tests new buttons for direct access to other social profiles of the same user

We know that some of the main technology companies are very willing to choose certain users at random to perform different tests on improvements and characteristics that, in the best of cases, will finally transfer to other users. Now Facebook, which is very active these days, is proving to incorporate, in the profiles of the users, prominent buttons that point to the profiles that they have in other social platforms.

At the moment these buttons have been found in the official application of Facebook for Android and iOS although they have not made an appearance on the web site of the social network. Each button is integrated with the symbol of each social platform, supporting different platforms including the competition, such as YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and others.

We see how Facebook is getting bigger. Facebook will also allow the publication of job offers by companies, so that as a whole it could become another platform which offers what many offer independently, now trying to reach out to LinkedIn and the like.
At the moment, the official intentions are unknown and, as we know, these tests do not mean that the new feature will see the light in a secure way since, as always, the last decision is in the hands of Facebook. Although this type of evidence gives you to think about the line or lines that will be taking the social platform from now on, especially following the manifesto published yesterday where Facebook changes his vision to move from becoming a platform that connects family and friends to become a global community.


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