Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are among Bixby compatible applications

Bixby compatible apps

In the middle of this week Samsung has presented its two new flagships, the expected Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Both mobiles came to market accompanied with some important developments beyond the hardware itself. One of them is undoubtedly the new virtual assistant, Bixby, who arrives to fill that gap of Siri, Google Assistant or Cortana in other mobiles. Well, now we have known some of the applications compatible with Bixby since its launch.

Shortly after the presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 we had the pleasure of being able to test the new virtual assistant of Samsung, with the aim to know a little more its mechanics of operation, features and services for the user.

Bixby compatible applications on the Samsung Galaxy S8

One of the most interesting characteristics to know when we talk about a virtual assistant is undoubtedly the applications that are integrated in its operation, those with which we can interact with the assistant’s voice commands, or from which we can collect this information when we need it. Until now we knew a support of the native application wizard of Samsung Experience itself, such as the camera, the calendar, the gallery, the settings and messages together with Google Music.

A Canadian pre-release of this software reveals Bixby’s compatibility with third-party software, these unveiled apps are Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Twitter, Uber, YouTube and CNN. It is possible that some of these apps will only have support in certain regions, although now its something that is unknown. In any case the good work of Samsung is sure to extend the compatibility of these applications with Bixby in all the markets in which it is marketed.

The starting series of applications compatible with Bixby is quite interesting, with apps we use most on our mobiles such as YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. Along with this information are some images where we can see precisely the applications compatible with Bixby in the virtual assistant’s own menu. Hopefully from now to April 28, the day the Samsung Galaxy S8 arrives in stores, let’s see whether this list gets expanded.

Bixby compatible apps list 1

Bixby compatible apps list 1


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