Facebook updates Analytics for Apps, with more options to target audience

An interesting update of Facebook Analytics for Apps brings new options so that developers can enhance their marketing strategy by getting to know their audience better.

One of the new features will make it easier to compare two segments using different criteria.

By simply setting some options, we will have the two criteria at sight, with elements that will allow us to analyze the segments and evaluate their performance. In this way, we can understand the dynamics that present and understand the activity of users and how they interact with the brand or business.

Another option has to do with segmenting by domain, and Facebook Analytics for Apps adds support for domain-level reporting.

A new reference for optimizing a marketing campaign, the maximum possible factors to know the audience and take every possible opportunity is taken into account to take customers to the next level.

These new features are already available in Facebook Analytics for Apps, so you can already test their dynamics. Those who have not yet used this tool of Facebook, but want to give it a try, can go to the below mentioned link and try the interactive demo to know some of its main functions.

Facebook Analytics


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