Facebook Updates the News Feed to Show Authentic and Relevant Content

The Facebook team continues to work on new dynamics to eradicate the proliferation of false news on the platform.

Today announced two changes that will be produced internally to bring the news feed content authentic and relevant to users.

One of them has to do with new criteria that will be used to classify truthful content, creating patterns when analyzing particular pages (to disqualify false news, hype, spam, etc.), and thus train the algorithm for a more accurate identification.

Once the algorithm is trained, it would offer to the users only those contents that have been verified its authenticity and that they are relevant according to the combination of the established criteria.

Other updates have to do with relevancy in publications. Facebook takes into account certain factors to show in the first place those news that may be of interest to users. And now they will analyze the updates of these factors or signals in real time to boost the feed.

For example, during a sporting event there may be different reactions on the news that is published on it, if the Facebook algorithm recognizes that one of these publications is generating more interaction at any given time, that article will gain relevance in the feed.

Most users may not notice any changes in their feed, since the dynamics remain the same, only the results will have to be more relevant and authentic.


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