Facebook will launch a YouTube like app on Apple TV

In a blog entry, Facebook today confirmed the development of the video app for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung’s Smart TV.

Facebook has concretized its video strategy. The world’s third-largest internet company after the Alphabet and Amazon will show video even more aggressively with the launch of its new app. Mark Zuckerberg is pushing forward with the further development of Facebook’s video strategy. In January, Facebook had announced that video publishers will receive a revenue share of the advertising on Facebook and now this app to conquer the TV.

Facebook is adding new tools to make moving content even more attractive. In a blog post, the world’s largest social network today announced the arrival of its new Youtube like app for Apple TV.

In early February there were already rumors that Facebook would introduce a video app for Apple TV. Now the development of the app has been officially confirmed for Apple TV with new video features.

With the app, Facebook wants to offer its users enhanced options for playing videos from the social network. Already since October last year it was possible to stream videos of Facebook to the television with the help of AirPlay or Chromecast.

The native video app for Apple TV will allow users to watch videos from the newsfeed. This includes, for example, videos from friends, pages that you follow, live video and videos that have picked out by Facebook’s algorithms for the user. You can also view previously saved videos. Of course you can also reproduce the uploaded motion pictures on the big screen.

The new apps will be available in the near future. According to Facebook, more platforms will be added later.

Source: Facebook Blog


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