‘Fast RMX’ will arrive on the launch of Nintendo Switch, official price unveiled

We want speed above all things in a good driving game. At Shin’en this was very clear as they developed ‘Fast Racing Neo’, one of the most popular Nintendo Wii U indies that focused their careers on overwhelming speeds in the purest F-Zero style. Now we can revive it in a very short time with an improved experience. ‘Fast RMX’ will arrive in digital version to Nintendo Switch on March 3, and will do so at a price of $ 19.99 or €19.99.

For those not informed regarding this title, ‘Fast RMX’ is the improved version of ‘Fast Racing Neo’ with its already built-in DLC, new game modes and advanced functions related to HD vibration provided by the Joy-Con Nintendo Switch. In addition we also know that the game will be able to run at 60 FPS and that the new game mode, Hero Mode. This mode will increase the difficulty of the game and will be a challenge for those who want to travel the 30 tracks of the game again.

This announcement joins that in a few days there will be a new Nintendo Direct focused on indie games, dubbed by the company as ‘Nindies’. On February 28, a streaming will be given internationally by the company which will talk about the games that will arrive in the launch of the console and other titles that should arrive in the following months. The digital market service known as eShop will be active from the very 3rd of March with a catalog of interest, although it will not be compatible with the Virtual Console since its inception.

In addition to ‘Fast RMX’ it is expected that ‘Shovel Knight also arrives at the launch of the console, and with it’ Snipperclips’.


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