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All You Need To Know About Rift Game

Rift is a 3D fantasy game. Extremely good with graphics and hence highly addictive and very smooth to play. The Rift game has MMORPG set in the Telara world of graphics.

What does the Rift Game offer?

The Rift game offers an extremely unique class system, very adorable player housing, and wide events within the zone of full of thrill. The Rift game is perfectly satisfying for the MMORPG fans. The features are amazing and highly fits into the expectations of the game lovers.

Rift is a free and multiplayer online game

The Rift is absolutely free to play. It is an online game with the option of multiple players. The graphics are thrilling and adventurous. The game is all about rift fighting.

Rift got a very positive response from the users

The game got a very positive response from the players. Even game critics gave the Rift game very positive feedback. Within the time span of just one year, the game earned across 1 million players. The revenue generated by the Rift game was equally good and fair enough.

Rift’s expansion was also launched, named as Rift Prime

The Rift game’s first progression server was called as Rift Prime. The Rift prime extended the game in the feature wise progression. The expansion provided the minimal cosmetics to the players and also allowed to unlock the further features and stages of the game.

Rift Game Factions and Races

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  • The scene of the Rift game is such that, there are are two factions, namely, the Guardians and the Defiant. The Guardians are supposed to follow the religion of the Vigil who is believed to the supreme Gods of Telara.
  • The Guardian factions include the high elves, the Mathosians i.e., a warlike culture of humans from the north side, and dwarves.
  • The ascended Guardians are resurrected by the Vigil post dead with the hands of Regulos. While returning back to Telara, Guardians fight back and witness the death because of Regulos’ commanders. This will bring the Guardians back to the beginning of the Rift.
  • The Defiant, on the other hand, do not follow the religion of the Vigil due to their principles. The defiant belief in advance science and technology, to defeat the forces of Regulos. They include the Eth, a highly advanced human culture from the south, the Bahmi (descendants of interbreeding between Air spirits and humans), and the Kelari (animistic, cabalistic dark elves).
  • The ascended Defiant gets back to the life from the death by using some technology that is based on the study of the soul-structure of ascended Guardians. In the near future of an apocalyptic Telara gets almost consumed by the Regulos.
  • At a very beginning of the game, the Defiant faction players are been sent back to the time from this point to the beginning of Rift. At this time, Defiant players are supposed to fight against Regulos in order to defeat them.

Rift Key Features

  • Highly Featured Gameplay

You are enabled to play on huge maps that seem to be augmented with Rifts. The players are supposed to close the rifts by working together.

  • Massive Amount of Content

The content in the game is plenty of, for the players to engage in.

  • DIY Character Creation

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You can choose your character or create one with many customization options that are available for hairstyles, eye color, height, etc.

  • Load Out

Exclusive customization options available in two skill trees, one class-dependent and another one character-dependent.

  • Available free of cost

An MMO that is genuinely free to access and play.

Ultimate Guideline of the Rift Game

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  • Telara is the world full of fantasy and myth. In the world of Telara, where the six elements of the planes in the game. Those were, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Life, and Death converge planes. And the Rift is the fantasy designed of MMORPG in the vein World of Warcraft.
  • Rift has four generic class callings. The players to choose from 10 souls and skill trees. Players choose three of the ten souls at a time. Players have various combinations to opt for.
  • Rifts represent the unstable elements that destruct the planes of the elements. Once these planes are unlocked, monsters get out of it on the map to destruct the Telara world.
  • Now it is the players’ responsibility to kill the monsters that are exited out of the planes.
  • In case the monsters enter the rift, the large area is conquered by them. Hence, the rift has to be closed by the players, in order to win the game.
  • Players are allowed to team up with the members of 5 at most. Later they will decide whether to fight with Normal, Expert or the Master level Dungeons.
  • Each Dungeons challenges the player to encounter a new level of dangers and hurdles.
  • Each of the warriors can choose between the callings, Warrior, Cleric, Rogue, Mage or Primalist to play.
  • The one more striking feature is the soul of the player. Soul of the player describes his strength. The player is allowed to keep 20 different types of the soul with permutations and combinations of their choice. The combination of souls affects the player’s performance. The combination decides the degree of versatility that the player is getting in MMORPGs. Several roles are granted in the fronts of  PvEPvP, party, and raid gameplay. Numerous roles can be played y the warriors such as tanking, damaging, healing etc.
  • Rift’s characters are amazing. Up of that, they highly customization.

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  • Initially, the Rift game had around 12,000 of various weapons. The most common weapons were white colored. The uncommon were green, blue, purple and orange. Each of the weapon colors symbolized the specific energies. Weapons were swords, axes, maces, staves, wands, bows, guns, daggers, and shields. Swords, hammers, axes, and maces, and polearms were two-handed.


The Raft game is amazing featured battle game. There are a lot of options available and is highly customization based. The adventure level is quite high. The game lovers in the seek of thrill and excitement, can choose the Raft game to get addicted to it. The extensions and the add-ons of the game are improving and updating from time to time.






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