Features of the ExCos 9 SoC endorse a Galaxy S8 with double rear camera

ExCos 9 SoC

A single message published in the official profile of Samsung’s processor division on Twitter opens the debate. And is that finally the company could well present a third version of Galaxy S8 with double rear camera. This is borne out by the aforementioned publication a few hours ago and we will show you below.

Everything seems ready for sentencing. Samsung itself has recently confirmed at the Mobile World Congress that its highly anticipated flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 will be unveiled on March 29. In fact, today the filtered multimedia material has left to bare any detail, design and features of the Galaxy S7 replacement. However, the presentation event taking place in New York may bring us last-minute surprises.

Features of the Samsung Exynos 8895, Samsung Galaxy S8 processor

As you can see in the tweet launched by the Samsung Exynos profile on Twitter, the official account that the company intends to communicate information about its semiconductor division, the processor that will equip the imminent Samsung Galaxy S8 includes support for double rear camera . The attached image refers to the dual image processor (ISP) included in the ExCoS 8895 SoC. For lack of information, the manufacturer attaches a #DualCamera tog in the publication to emphasize the function of that double ISP, which would not be another Support for a dual camera.

The technical information seems obvious. Any smartphone that equips the new Samsung Exynos 8895 processor, the one that will indeed debut the Samsung Galaxy S8 is capable to support the configuration of double rear camera. So, it opens the debate as to whether the company can surprise in the Samsung Unpacked 2017 with a third version of the new Galaxy. Maybe a Pro version could be launched whose great particularity would obviously be that of a Samsung Galaxy S8 with double rear camera.

The truth is that this possibility would be a surprise and would break any forecast released to date. In fact, so far all filtered photos and videos have shown a Samsung Galaxy S8 with a single camera accompanied by dual LED flash and the controversial fingerprint sensor on the same back side, next to the camera itself.

Another alternative is for the company to start preparing the ground to welcome a new Galaxy device with double rear camera, not necessarily the Samsung Galaxy S8, while other solid theory goes through a new Galaxy Note 8 with double rear camera.

So, let’s wait until March 29 to get official confirmation from the company about its plan of launching different terminals of the Galaxy range.


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