Features of the Samsung Exynos 8895, Samsung Galaxy S8 processor

A few days ago the Korean company showed a teaser about the chipset on Twitter, and now we have in our hands the features of the Samsung Exynos 8895, the Samsung Galaxy S8 processor. Its full name is Exynos 8895 Series 9 and is the company’s first chip developed under the FinFET process of 10 nanometers (nm).

This CPU will be responsible for driving, almost certainly, the Samsung Galaxy S8 in its international version. As happened with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, it is more than likely that the American variant of the flagship boasts a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor inside, leaving the rest of the manufacturers out of stock.

Features of the Samsung Exynos 8895

Thanks to this manufacturing process, the Samsung Galaxy S8 processor allows up to 27% more performance while consuming 40% less power compared to the 14 nm technology present in the current Samsung Exynos 8890 that drives the current Star terminals of the Korean company (S7 and S6 Edge). This would directly affect the battery life of the next Samsung mobile.

Samsung Exynos 8895 features

As for the more technical specifications of the Exynos 8895, we have an eight-core CPU divided into two clusters of four: one with the new generation of cores designed by Samsung and a second cluster with four cores ARM Cortex-A53. In addition, the 9 Series of processors of the firm integrates an LTE modem capable of reaching 1 Gbps of download with 150 Mbps of upload.

The firm also notes that the latter processor integrates a heterogeneous system architecture that allows for faster computing and “greater adaptability” that can be employed in a wide range of applications such as artificial intelligence and deep learning. Did somebody say Bixby?

As for the graphics section, the Samsung Galaxy S8 processor also offers an unparalleled multimedia experience with its powerful Mali-G71 GPU capable of playing content recorded in 4K and 120 fps in addition to allowing virtual reality also in 4K. This allows us to take advantage of the new generation of Samsung Gear VR.

The Exynos 8895 has an individual processing unit oriented to improved security solutions required for mobile payments that use iris recognition or fingerprint recognition, as well as an integrated vision processing unit (VPU) that can recognize and analyze elements and movements to improve the stabilization of the video.


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