‘FIFA’ for Nintendo Switch is shown for the first time in this advertisement

We are two weeks away from Nintendo Switch, the brand new console of the Japanese company, which will go on sale next Friday, March 3. Lately, the console has managed to be on everyone’s lips, whether for different events organized by the company to test the console or through television commercials.

Advertisements like the one that was seen today is the protagonist. From Japan comes a new spot (you can see at the end of the story) where we can see two games running on Nintendo Switch, the first of them is ‘Dragon Quest Heroes I-II’, while the second of them is ‘FIFA’. The new delivery of FIFA will arrive at Nintendo Switch somewhere in the middle or end of 2017.

Recall that during the presentation last January, a member of Electronic Arts explained that Nintendo Switch would have an exclusive version of ‘FIFA’ for this console, other than that currently reaches the next generation consoles PS4 and Xbox One.

In the video we can see briefly that this will be the first installment of ‘FIFA’ developed by EA Sports for this console, and we see not only a few moments of the game, but we also see how Hazard celebrates a goal with the Chelsea shirt.

Obviously, we have no details about this new version of ‘FIFA’ that supposedly would be ‘FIFA 18’ (although in a very early development), but the brief gameplay is used to give us an idea of what we can expect. Both at the graphic level and with some other important details such as the animations of the players, it is seen that this delivery of ‘FIFA’ is a little far from what we are currently accustomed in recent years and leaves us with a feeling to experience the “light” version of the game quickly.

Here is the video:


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