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3 Best File Manager For Window Phone Devices

Now there has been an in introduction of Windows Phone 8.1, now Microsoft has given the developers more access to APIs that now develops the functional File Manager for Windows Phone. So now if you have a windows phone8.1 or your nokia lumia, you can try installing these perfect file managers that will help you in managing storage issues on your SD card.

1. Files

Files happens to be Microsoft’s own File Manager app that is especially made for Windows Phone. This app shall provide access to all the important file management tasks like browsing the directories, copying, moving, deleting and even renaming files. So for the people who want everything to be organised and in control, this is the perfect app to try and make directories and files through it.
This app also has many great features such as

2. Pocket File Manager

Pocket File Manager  happens to be the most functional and fast  File Manager for Windows Phone. This would help you in the  tasks of copying and moving files, this app also has a lot of functionality like:

3. Aerize Explorer Pro

Aerize Explorer happens to be one of the well developed File Managers. This is actually just like pocket file manger, just a little slower than that. it is at a slower side. It takes some time to load the directories and list the files especially when the number of files in a directory is large. Some of its amazing features include:

You will also find a free version of this file manager named Aerize Explorer but then there are a lot of functionality that is locked down such as even the Padlock Security.

Thus, these are the best files managers that you can have for windows phone device.

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