Filtered image of the next Street Fighter V fighter

Street Fighter V

A few days after Capcom revealed the identity of the next character for Street Fighter V, several images were leaked to confirm who this character would be.

The images were discovered by a NeoGAF user on the official Street Fighter site (they no longer appear there). In these images they confirmed what several rumors already indicated that the following personage of Street Fighter V is Ed also known as Bandaged Boy.

Street Fighter V

In the image, Ed appears in The Lair of the Four Kings, and has an outfit that seems to be a Shadaloo agent. This is not really a surprise if we consider that it is a clone or spare body created for M. Bison. Also, we cannot forget that during the campaign of Balrog near members of this organization started to appear. Ed at that time was first seen as the unnamed child and later as a patient uniform with a bandaged head near the end of Balrog Street Fighter IV.

Unfortunately, the image does not give us many details about its fighting style, but it is interesting to see that it looks much more powerful than the last time we saw it. Look at the image given below.

So, we just have to wait until Monday, May 8, the day that Capcom will officially reveal the next Street Fighter V fighter. While that happens, tell us, what other character would you like to see in the second season of the fight title?

Street Fighter is V is the sixth main entry in the Street Fighter series and is also available for PlayStation 4, and PC.


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