‘Final Fantasy XV’ Gets ‘Power Rangers’ Costumes On New DLC

Today it was announced that ‘Final Fantasy XV’ will get ‘Power Rangers’ Costumes on New DLC. Today there was an event celebrating the 30th anniversary of the ‘Final Fantasy’ saga at Toho Cinema Roppongi Hills, Tokyo. During this sort of gala the director of Final Fantasy XV, Hajime Tabata, has revealed information about the additional contents that will arrive soon to the last videogame of the franchise.

One of the most talked about content is the one that will allow the ‘Final Fantasy XV’ crew to enjoy colorful ‘Power Rangers’ superhero costumes. When the four protagonists are dressed these clothes will have the ability to become invincible for a while, although this kind of power can only be used every 30 minutes. This DLC will reach digital stores next February 21, which will also be available to all Season Pass holders.

Information has also been unveiled on two new DLCs focused on story mode that come to complete some gaps presented by the plot in the original game. An additional chapter starring Gladio will go on sale on March 28. From here it may have minor spoilers in which we will control this character in order to find out once and for all where he got into after his sudden disappearance in ‘Final Fantasy XV’.

During this episode Gladio will be accompanied by Cor Leonis, a secondary character who gained public affection in the main story and will now have more importance in this plot.

For the DLC featuring Prompto, in which we can also control him, we will have to wait a little longer: until June. That is all the information that has been on this episode for the moment, since in the event of the 30 anniversary of this saga did not reveal more details.


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