Finally! The Google Clock Allows you to put any Audio as Alarm Tone

The clock application, although it may seem not, is a very important part of your terminal, since it includes very useful functions such as alarm, timer or countdown, plus the clock itself, of course.

As you already know, all smartphones come with a preinstalled clock application, sometimes its own, as in the Xiaomi, and other times directly with the application of Google Clock, which is precisely an application in Google Pixel – which has recently been updated, allowing you to put any alarm tone audio, something that, although it seems a lie, you could not do until now.

Google Clock adds new options and visual changes in its latest update
You can already put any audio as an alarm tone in the Google Clock app

As we mentioned before, the Google Clock comes preinstalled on an enormous number of terminals, so it is possible that in fact your own smartphone has it installed. This application is pretty enough, uses the maximum Material Design and Google tries to take good care of it.

However, until this update you could not choose the alarm tone among your files, something that I consider essential, since everyone – or most of us – like to personalize our smartphone to the maximum and wake us up with our favorite song.

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Now the Google Clock application has been updated to version 5.0, which precisely incorporates this option along with the ability to see seconds on the clock. An update that does not bring some changes that make your hair stand on end, but thank you that comes to bring us this new option.

You can find the Google Clock app for free on Google Play and, if your mobile phone has its own clock application, I would recommend giving opportunity to use Google’s Clock, since it is so simple that it does not usually disappoint.

Google Clock | Google Play (Free)

Clock App on Google App Store


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