‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ event brings more experience

Since its appearance on smartphones, the application ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ has not stopped receiving more and more content. This is something very positive since it shows that in Intelligent Systems and Nintendo are concerned about a community that has received the game with open arms, quickly surpassing five million worldwide downloads.

fire eblem heros event

This hybrid between gacha and strategy game with mechanical features of the franchise ‘Fire Emblem’ counts from today with a new temporary event that will allow us to get more experience in battles. Specifically we will get 1.5 percent more experience while the event remains active until February 23.

The bonus of 1.5 points more experience applies to all combat fought on maps of the History mode, Training Tower, Special Maps and also in the Coliseum. Thanks to this gratification we will be able to strengthen our active units and even raise the level even faster to units with great potential to form an auxiliary equipment for those challenges that complicate us a little more.

‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ is available for iOS and Android devices. It is a free download application, although it has a series of optional micropages that facilitate obtaining and a raising the level of the heroes faster. However, those who do not wish to pay will also be able to enjoy the game, as there are various quests and rewards to obtain if victory is achieved on the battlefield.

A world in which two powers coexist: the Empire of Embla, who longs to subdue the heroes of other worlds and the Kingdom of Askr which opposes their plans.

Your avatar has great invocation powers that allow you to call legendary heroes from different worlds of Fire Emblem. Join the Defenders of Askr to save your kingdom from destruction!


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