‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Provides Big Benefits to Nintendo From Day One

Nintendo is slowly getting into the increasingly competitive world of smartphone and tablet applications. It is not that the company does it with timidity, but rather with a steady pace, offering solid products of high quality. Today ‘Miitomo’ is a much more complete social application than when it was released, and nobody doubts that ‘Super Mario Run’ is a fairly solid, replayable and addictive game. His latest bet, ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’, recently released for both Android and iOS devices, is already giving significant benefits to the company.

The project developed by Intelligent Systems with the help of DeNa and Nintendo itself has managed to raise in just one day more than 2.9 million dollars, about 2.5 million euros, immediately becoming a fully profitable application. More than two million downloads occurred the same day, on February 2. This data is accompanied by those released on February 4, when the application had already exceeded 5 million dollars in profits and exceeded 5 million downloads.

In comparison to three of the great applications of 2016, ‘Pokémon Go’, ‘Super Mario Run’ and ‘Clash Royale’, ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ is placed in third position in terms of profits obtained during the first day, being ahead Of ‘Clash Royale’, which only raised 1.4 million dollars on its day of release.

In terms of downloads, ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ also occupies a third place, although tying with ‘Clash Royale’. Of the four applications, the most profitable in its debut was ‘Pokémon Go’, with a profit of 10.2 million dollars followed by ‘Super Mario Run’ with 8.4 million dollars. As for downloads, the plumber takes the palm with 6 million, while the pocket monsters was only unloaded 4.8 million times on its release.


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