Fire Emblem Heroes is a Serious Threat to Clash Royale

Few doubt that Clash Royale, even with the presence of Pokémon GO and Super Mario Run, is one of the most successful games on iOS and Android. Now the famous application developed by SuperCell as a spin off Clash of Clans receives a new contender in the applications markets that according to the first data of downloads and income seems ready to face this strategy game.

Clash Royale has already beaten Pokémon GO, one of the most downloaded games of 2016 as best mobile game. Now a new Nintendo game, more role and strategy oriented lands in the App Store and Google Play Store to fight with the title of collectible cards. This new game of Nintendo is about a strategy game, in the style of Fire Emblem where the fighting takes place through a system similar to the Stone, Paper or Scissors, with many possibilities to choose your attack on your turn.

fire emblem heros

The first reports of downloads and revenue show that Fire Emblem Heroes has managed to raise, according to the guys of SensorTower, $ 2.9 million in its first day life in the applications market. This figure still places it far away from other games of Nintendo like Pokémon GO, with 10.2 million dollars and the 8.4 million dollars of Super Mario Run. However this puts it ahead of Clash Royale which had $ 1.4 million on its first day of sales.

On the other hand, downloading the same day reveals that Fire Emblem Heroes has been able to tie with Clash Royale reaching two million downloads, just behind Super Mario Run, which occupies the first place with 6 million downloads and Of Pokémon Go, second with 4.2 million.

Much of the revenue from these downloads comes from areas such as the United States and Japan, but in many countries Fire Emblem Heroes is already starting to appear in the list of most popular applications in the Google Play Store, surpassing even the SuperCell title.

Of course, these figures would be difficult to obtain without having behind them a great company like Nintendo. Since it has reached the field of mobile gaming, it tries to make its launches a great succes, even with that curious Miitomo. Now on the horizon Animal Crossing begins to appear, a game that was delayed in its day by the launch of Super Mario Run and that, although it plays in different lands, also will try to make it difficult for Clash Royale and Clash of Clans.


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