‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Reaches Five Million Downloads

It is good to know that ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ has already surpassed five million downloads and manages to knead around five million dollars in profits. Everyone talks about Nintendo’s latest entry into the mobile market. Since its launch on February 2, thousands of users have given this new title in the genre of strategy RPG, both veterans of the saga and new players unaccustomed to this type of games.

The data comes from the Sensor Tower website, which collects and calculates both the downloads and the benefits obtained since the launch of an application. To make a comparison, ‘Pokémon Go’ accumulated in its first day around 4.6 million downloads; But is far from the very successful ‘Super Mario Run’, which achieved a whopping 6 million downloads. ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ takes a good step, but in its first 24 hours it fell below both titles with two million downloads, a number that does not deserve to be ignored equally.

‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ is characterized by gathering characters from the entire saga and putting them in the position of being invoked to help you in the hard fighting that you can find on your way. You assume the role of a hero invoked from another world to help the kingdom of Askr, which suffers terrible attacks from the princess Veronica, a girl determined to conquer everything in its path like her late father; And a mysterious masked man who invokes multiple heroes to his benefit but does not seem to advocate either side.

The title is free to download and requires microtransactions to get more heroes in exchange for cash. However, nothing is blocked by an economic barrier.


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