‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Recommends At Least 1 GB of Free Space

Fire Emblem Heroes

It seems that a great game comes to us in every sense of the word. There were many who wondered what the data size of the next most anticipated mobile strategy game would be, and although the answer remains unclear, it appears that Nintendo recommends having at least 1 GB of memory ready for ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’.

This is reported by some media who claim to have contacted the Japanese company to clear doubts about the space required for the video game. The amount of data that the game will occupy finally remains unknown, but now we have official information on how much space we would need more or less.

Although you can exceed this number or stay below, remember that future updates and event data could require more space, so it would be advisable to free up space on your device.

‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ will present a new line of argument in the saga and will tell the confrontation between nations that to fight each other invoke the mythical heroes of other lands with great strength and characteristics.

In this way it recovers a great amount of personages of all the deliveries of the franchise, which can be in greater or strong depending on the luck of the player when acquiring them or being touched by means of a gacha system.

The game will be free to play and will include micro-transactions to enhance personal experience, such as acquiring new heroes. The official launch of the game is expected for February 2, but Android and iPhone users can pre-register for the game and vote for their favorite heroes.


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