‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ will allow inherit skills in March

‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ from March will allow inheriting skills and thus making the game more interesting. Since the launch of Nintendo’s latest mobile video game, everyone seems to have been delighted with it. And yet there are still many things to get out of the game in the form of pending updates: more characters, new story chapters and something more complex. And it seems that the last one we will receive in March with a special update: from March we will be able to pass skills in ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’.

This has been promised by a message in the official Twitter account of the Nintendo America account, where Inherited Skills are dropped for the next month. So says the message: this March the Inherited Skills will be added to #FEHeroes! Which skills do you want to spend on which heroes? Start planning your options now!

This new option for the next update would allow increasing the complexity of the game to new levels, being able to turn the characters into authentic war machines. This would not only translate into new strategies for the story mode of the game, but would also give a sharp twist to the multiplayer mode of the Coliseum. This would require something more from players who want to live up to their rivals and for those who want to enjoy their history will have no problem in continuing to do so.

‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ is the latest mobile game from Nintendo, developed by Intelligent Systems. Its history focuses on the battle between two nations that make use of the heroes of other worlds to fight in the war, you being the most important resource of one of the two sides: a strategist able to invoke more units with ease and being able control everyone along the way with a great intelligence that no one else can cope with. Gather heroes from all the games in the saga and become the ultimate strategist.


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