‘Fire Emblem Heroes’: you can level up faster

‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ have been between us for almost three weeks and there are numerous new features and events that have been implemented to give life and freshness to this hybrid between gacha and strategy game. Today, Intelligent Systems awakens us with interesting news, the most important news is not related to activities or gifts, but rather with adjustments that seek to bring some more balance to the games and improve the gaming experience.

As you know, now the strong units do not provide experience, and therefore do not raise of level, if they defeat enemy troops with several levels below. This will change, and from March you can gain experience by defeating this type of weak troops.
Another news is, they have announced new rewards and the extension of the promotion by launching the application on iOS and Android devices.

The period of obtaining additional objects by holding the launch of the application is extended until 09:59 P.T. on March 14, 2017.

Another great news is that the cost of resistance points of the Training Tower – will continue to cost half indefinitely. The withdrawal of the punishment of resistance points is also maintained for equipping skills.

Starting on February 20, players will be able to find, for a limited time, new rewards in the Training Tower.

‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ is a free download application that contains micropayments and is currently available for both iOS devices and Android devices. It was developed by Intelligent Systems with the help of Nintendo and DeNa, and is proving to be a huge success among fans around the world, with downloads that days ago surpassed the five million barrier.


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