Firefox 51 Update Comes With FLAC Support, WebGL 2 and More

firefox 51

The first update of the Mozilla Firefox browser in 2017 is now available. Firefox 51 is the latest stable version that we can download and comes with a lot of new features in several of the most relevant aspects of the browser. In addition, support for FLAC or WebGL2, we also have improvements in performance and resource consumption, improved security and other important changes for which it is always worth upgrading to the latest version available.

Mozilla Firefox 51 is the latest version available from the popular browser and one of the most important. In addition to the adoption of WebExtensions, we also have on the horizon a change of interface, although it is unknown how much will occur. Going back to the present, the latest stable version comes to upgrade to all users of Firefox 50.1 and can be achieved from the browser itself or from Mozilla FTP.

Firstly, we need to talk about FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) support natively. This means that we can reproduce this type of content in the form of FLAC or OGG files directly without the need for extensions, also from streaming services. Chrome 56 will also introduce its compatibility.

Firefox 51 now clearly shows us the websites that have been marked as not secure when not using HTTPS. The new notification will mark in red a part of the address bar, something that previously did not happen. Again, remember that Chrome 56 will also introduce it as a novelty.

We have improvements in the password manager integrated with the browser. The first improvement allows you to display the saved password and the second allows you to save new passwords without having them previously used on any submitted form.

Among the other news, now also the zoom level will be shown if it is different than 100%. Some languages have been added and removed and support for 360-degree spatial audio has been improved, especially for portals like Facebook and its videos in this format.

Firefox 51 will block the audio from inactive tabs and display the memory used by each process in about: performance. SHA-1 certificates are no longer accepted, as will WoSign and StartCom. The SocialAPI is no longer presented and the Skia 2D graphics library is used for content rendering.

Developers will find quite a few changes. Mainly, it will be able to activate the support for WebExtensions, the new format of the extensions of Firefox that will be of the game by the end of year. WebRTC now supports VP9 by default and WebGL2 is enabled by default for graphical enhancement of elements.


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