Firefox 53 will not work on Pentium 4, AMD Opteron on Linux and 32 bit Mac


With no time to assimilate the arrival of Firefox 52 with interesting news in order to support plugins like Java or Silverlight, today we have new information on the next version of the Mozilla browser. Firefox 53 will arrive on April 18, but we are already getting to know some important news that affect users with more obsolete computers and older processors. In addition, support for Windows Vista, along with all previous versions of the Windows operating system, will be terminated.

Mozilla is already stuck in the development of Firefox 53, the next major version of its browser application. The beta is already available for users who want to venture, which allows us to attend to the list of changes that should reach the final version for all users.

Among the novelties, we find:

  • The reading mode shows the estimated time left to finish the text.
  • It includes two new “light” dark and clear themes, based on those of Firefox Developer Edition.
  • Windows users can choose between 32 bit or 64 bit versions directly from the installation process.

In addition to these novelties, we find a series of changes that affect users with more outdated systems and equipment. The first of the changes is that users of Windows XP and Windows Vista will stop receiving updates. Mozilla makes clear that Firefox 52 will offer updates for a period of one year to these users.

It also supposes the end of support for users of Mac OS X computers with 32-bit processors. All these users will not be able to use the new versions of the Mozilla Firefox browser since only 64-bit versions of the application will be launched. In addition, updates for macOS will be of a smaller size.

Finally, Mozilla reminds us that it stops supporting older processors than Pentium 4 and AMD Opteron in its versions for Linux. This means that these users will not be able to access the latest browser versions unless they update their computers with more current hardware.


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