Firefox 54 will be first Firefox version with sandbox security

firefox 54

Firefox 54 is the first Firefox version with sandbox security feature. It is an important security measure to protect users from attacks that are present in other modern browsers for quite some time. A sandbox is considered to be important because it can happen that through a single vulnerability immediate access to the system can be obtained.

Last August Mozilla launched the first Firefox version with “multiple processes”. Firefox separates the web content of the processes of the user interface. This means that a webpage that much computing power takes the buttons and menu of Firefox can not get stuck, but should also enhance stability and security. However, the function was not turned on to all users.

With the launch of Firefox 53 on April 18 will be forthcoming multi-process standard for all users. In the case of add-ons will not work with multi process as they will be disabled in the browser, unless the add-on has enabled a special option. Ultimately, this move leads to a real sandbox which will be launched with Firefox 54. Thus, there is no file access can be obtained from certain content processes.

At the same time Mozilla is working on phasing out traditional add-ons, so the browser with the release of Firefox 57 on November 14 only supports WebExtensions this year. Mozilla had already announced this last November, but has now unveiled the corresponding milestones.

Mozilla wants to replace the traditional add-ons by a model in which extensions will soon be able to work in all browsers, just as with web applications is now the case. To achieve this they have chosen WebExtensions, a set of programming interfaces (APIs) for developing extensions. This will make the extensions for Chrome, Opera and Microsoft Edge to be able to run Firefox.


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