Firefox includes a button to take screenshots


We spent the day surfing the Internet, like the one he says, and so far the most important signatures among web browsers have not bothered to provide us with screen capture in this task. It is true that we can do it with the native functions of the operating system or through an extension for the browser. However, Mozilla has decided to help us in this regard and has included a button dedicated to screenshots in Firefox. That being true, although currently it is not available in the latest stable version.

Mozilla, which maintains one of the web browsers that is Firefox with the largest market share worldwide, has updated its web browser to include a new function. This function, for the moment only experimental, will make the task of taking screenshots easier for us. Sometimes, users need to extract certain content from a web page or even capture the entire web page and that’s exactly what the guys from Mozilla have finally included in Firefox, although for the moment only in its nightly version. However this means that it will arrive at stable versions as well, if all goes as planned.

Firefox now allows you to capture the screen with a dedicated button on your last nightly

firefox screenshots

The Firefox screenshots, which are available in the latest nightly version of the web browser, appear as a dedicated button on the top bar. To be precise it is on the right side and with an icon in the form of open scissors. Of course, to make a screenshot taking advantage of this new function, you only need to click on this button and immediately a small dialog box with several options will open. The first one is to capture the entire page and the second one offer to capture what is in sight. However there is also a third button which serves to review previous catches.

This feature, as we mentioned before, could already be used just like in Google Chrome but only by making use of the native screen capture of the operating system or installing a plugin or extension for the web browser. It is a recurring feature that thousands of users use every day and that, undoubtedly, is good to have on hand. Even more so when we have several options to make our screenshots and contempt, in a comfortable way, the captured contents that do not interest us for the final image. Additionally, they are automatically saved in .jpg format.


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