Firefox Screenshots is the new Firefox tool for capturing web pages


At times, we need to save a screenshot of a web page. We can always use the Windows screenshot, but if the web page has scroll, we will be forced to make several captures and then assemble them to give it the original browser look. Although there are extensions for browsers specially designed to automatically capture complete web pages, this feature should be present in browsers without relying on third-party software and this is what Mozilla intends to achieve with its new Firefox Screenshots tool.

Firefox Screenshots is a new tool that Mozilla is developing. It will reach all users in the next Firefox 55 version, which is scheduled to arrive in summer. Firefox Screenshots will be installed by default. This new feature of the browser will allow us to make captures of web pages in a very simple way, with just one click.

By default, this simple but complete and powerful tool will allow us to take captures of both a small piece of a web page and a complete web page, even if it has a vertical and horizontal scroll. In addition, the tool will automatically save all the captures and will allow us to easily access them.

We can also share them very easily with other users directly without having to rely on other additional services, because when we take a capture, it is stored securely on the Mozilla servers and a URL is generated which can be sent to other users. With this URL other users will be able to see the capture directly.

How to manually activate Firefox Screenshots

This tool still in a very experimental phase, in order to use it we must activate it manually in our browser. To do this, we will write in the address bar “about: config” and change the value of the “extensions.screenshots.system-disabled” entry to “false”.

Once this change is made, a new icon will appear in the extensions bar of our browser.

We can also activate this new tool from Test Pilot in any version of Firefox.

If we click on this new icon the initial wizard of the tool will open, where the main features will be explained. Once this first wizard is complete, we can begin this tool to use.

As we said, all captures will be automatically stored in the Mozilla cloud and associated with a URL, which we can send to other people so they can easily see these captures.

Without a doubt, Firefox Screenshots is a very useful and necessary tool that should have been included in the default browsers for a long time. Now Mozilla has taken the initiative to do so.


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