Firefox will soon have a section to configure its performance


It is obvious that users of desktop computers have different hardware configurations, where users with older or more modest equipment should have more control over the use of resources available on their computers.

Everybody is constantly talking about how terrible Chrome is when it comes to consuming computer resources, but even though it has gained that fame, other modern browsers are not exactly as light as a pen. In the case of Firefox, the Mozilla browser also suffers from this evil, and that is precisely why the development team is working on a new section of performance settings to add to browser preferences and allow the user to optimize resource consumption with respect to resources available on their computer.

The beginning of this development took place last Friday when a new entry was opened in Bugzilla.

At the moment, according to the current section proposed by the Firefox IU team, users could control the use of animations in the user interface and they will also have the possibility of using page prefetching, which can be helpful over slow Internet connections.

It’s not all about old equipment. Along with those options there is also something new called “Content Processes”, which unlike the optimize button, will consume more memory in exchange for making Firefox better answer when using multiple tabs. So if you have enough resources, it is a good option to improve performance on your computer.


Also, from the new section there would also be the possibility of restarting Firefox with all its extensions disabled, thus seeking to receive a better performance, especially in older computers. Although Mozilla has made efforts to try to reduce consumption by Firefox, users with more modest equipment will notice that Firefox does not go sufficiently solvent on such computers.

The bad news is that all these changes will not come at least until Firefox 55. As Firefox 53 will land next week, the launch of Firefox 55 will take some time.


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