First image of OnePlus 5 with double rear camera

OnePlus 3T

With the expected new developments for the Android smartphone market, the middle of the year already unveiled that one of the great attractions yet to be discovered will be of OnePlus. The Chinese manufacturer has its hands full with the launch of OnePlus 5 with double rear camera, a feature that already appears in the first filtered photograph of the mobile.

OnePlus 5 has already been the protagonist of the news sector on few occasions a trend that will continue to be more usual in the coming months. It is expected that the new mobile which replaces OnePlus 3T will be introduced mid-year. One of the first references about this mobile came with the assumptions of name change from OnePlus 4 to OnePlus 5. That’s a pure question of superstitions in China around the number 4. Another plot that has been the object of rumors and leaks is the OnePlus 5 datasheet and now it’s for the first picture of OnePlus 5, an image that would give more relevance specifications to date from other rumors.

Real image of OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 double camera

While we have witnessed several rendering of the new OnePlus model, now it has transcended from a Hindu medium and could be considered as the first real image of the OnePlus 5. Judging by the details that can be extracted, it looks like a design similar to that of OnePlus 3 with a rounded contour to offer the greatest ergonomics. It is not possible to see the front of the equipment but the lack of a fingerprint sensor on the back cover makes it foreseeable that the Chinese brand will continue to bet on the biometric sensor integrated in the front Home button. However, we cannot rule out that one of the innovations of this generation of OnePlus was the implantation of an ultrasonic sensor under the screen.

However, the source makes a point to indicate that although the photo has been provided by a source close to the project there is no way to confirm that OnePlus 5 would not vary in design as it is susceptible to changes until the company begins the manufacturing process of the device.

OnePlus 5 with double rear camera

However, the most distinctive thing from the first photo of the mobile is the appearance of a configuration of double rear camera. So, to confirm the image as truthful would mean that in the coming months we will witness the presentation of an OnePlus 5 with double rear camera. More information about this is still unknown such as the resolution of the sensors or lenses as well as the technology and the functions it can incorporate.

Although what seems obvious is that OnePlus seems ready to follow the trail of the main brands of the premium segment where we have seen how the iPhone 7 Plus, Huawei P10 or Xiaomi Mi 6 have all adopted this technical solution.


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