First Images of Status Feature Appear in WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone

In recent months Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook and also owner of Instagram and WhatsApp, has taken a certain direction for their social networks determined to end their competition: Snapchat. In its day Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for no less than 3,000 million dollars, but Snapchat rejected the offer.

As Facebook could not buy its enemy, they decided to take inspiration from their functions to implement them in their own services that millions of people in the world already use daily. With the arrival of the Instagram Stories, Snapchat’s growth has been reduced by no less than 82%.

But Zuckerberg does not want to be left alone with the Instagram Stories to end Snapchat. They also plan to get a similar service on Facebook and WhatsApp, making sure everyone who uses one of their social networks feels they do not need to use Snapchat anymore.

Now thanks to the Twitter account @WABetaInfo we have the first screenshots of the new WhatsApp Stories that would soon arrive worldwide.

At the moment it seems that this feature can be implemented only by a fortunate few of all who have the WhatsApp beta, so if you do not see this feature, do not worry, it’s normal.

In the screenshots we can see that WhatsApp will notify us when a contact shares a state. We will be able to silence this notification if we are not interested in knowing what that person always publishes.

But there will also be a new dedicated section where everyone will meet and you will see what your friends comment on. In addition, by selecting the status of a person, we can go directly to a private chat with him, in case we want to ask a question or comment on the status they published.


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