First trailer for ‘Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X’

Earlier this year Bandai Namco announced the third installment of the Dragon Ball Heroes saga for Nintendo 3DS under the name of ‘Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X’. Again it is a game full of content and aimed at the most staunch fans of Dragon Ball. It is also a title that we never expect to see officially leave Japan and come to our country.

The figures that make up this release are to make you dizzy. Nothing less than 240 characters that bring together in a template all the known heroes of manganime and other so many invented only for this franchise that is a mass phenomenon in Japan.

Also invented are some story arcs that compose the many stories that we can live while we face combats in environments in 3D with a selection of five cards from among the thousands that are available to collect.

In the first trailer of the game we can see that it will not be launched without content as we see a good handful of customization options, a recreation room that will be our base of operations presumably a handful of characters and some stories to live.

The previous titles failed to leave Japan and it is unlikely that we can see this new release in the West.


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