Flexible memories are here, key piece in folding mobiles


This is one of the revolutions in the mobile phone market that we already have just around the corner. Although we thought it would arrive this year, we still have to wait a little longer to see the folding screen mobiles in the market. One of the key components to make this possible is obviously the flexible flash memory, a component that will soon be ready to enter supply chains to start making folding mobiles.

A few days ago we knew one of the most interesting news about folding mobiles, such as the fact that Samsung put a date on the arrival of these phones to the market. A date significantly later than originally estimated, and it spoke of this year.

Of course, the development of folding mobiles not only depends on screens and panels that may deform in this way, but also that a majority of the components of these mobiles must be flexible, and memories are by no means an exception. Although the first foldable mobiles will not be what many have in the head, adapting to the shape of our wrist or any area of our arms as a bracelet, but instead will be devices rather similar to a folding screen in half.

Well, as we say the industry is adapting key components of the phones to this new technology, in which graphene plays a key role, that magic material that everyone talks about and that will revolutionize technology in the short term. Well, beyond flexible graphene batteries, there are already the first prototypes of flexible flash memory developed by scientists at the University of Exeter, so this technology begins to be something tangible.

In fact the greater conductivity of the graphene makes these flexible memories even faster than those that are integrated in our phones today. Although the creation of such components with materials such as graphene is extremely slow and costly, Samsung is at the forefront in research and development of new components based on this material by investing large sums of money. Everything with the aim of being able to revolutionize not only the telephony, but all the technology that surrounds us at home with completely flexible and functional devices. Slowly and steadily new milestones are being achieved in the development of a technology that could be present in stores in 2019.


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